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This endorsement finder makes it easier to vote for the best person. Our local Democratic Parties carefully consider each candidate and ballot measure endorsement. This online tool gathers those endorsements, and then organizes them just for you. This helps you cast a better ballot, especially for the smallest voting districts.

Please vote early! The earlier you vote, the fewer reminder phone calls you will get! General election ballots have already been mailed, and election day is November 8th, 2016.

Your voting precinct determines the endorsements that matter most to you. Please enter your last name, and either your address or zip code, so we can find your voting precinct.

Need more help? Use MyVote to download a new ballot if your ballot was lost or damaged, to update your registration, or to locate ballot drop boxes and ADA Accessible Voting Units near you.

You can also contact the Washington State Democrats at (206) 583-0664, or browse the statewide endorsements list.

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